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Author Topic: Preparing for Broadband  (Read 1677 times)

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Preparing for Broadband
« on: May 10, 2004, 16:07 »
With the coming of broadband, one thing you will need to be more vigilant with is the security of your PC. Broadband ADSL is 'always on', making it easier for the hackers of the world to spot your PC on the Internet.

So, make sure you have two vital pieces of software on your computer. The first is an antivirus program. Make sure it is up to date (virus software is no protection if the signatures are not kept up to date with new viruses).

You can download a free one here :

AVG Antivirus

The second piece of software that is essential is the Firewall. This is a gatekeeper that prevents hackers from connecting to your PC and browsing around. If you are running Windows XP it has it's own built in Firewall, but if not there is a good free one here :

Agnitum Outpost 1.0

These are by no means the only two examples, you'll find other free programs out there and also others that have to be paid for, but are used by me at FVT Towers and have proved very effective against the recent Internet Worm attacks.

Microsoft's download center for security patches is here :



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