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Author Topic: HITACHI Trains to built back in the north east ? 5 years too late ?  (Read 2847 times)

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I welcome the good news to the area of the now confirmed Hitachi deal at Newton Aycliffe
but is it 5 years too late as this was proposed in 2007 ?

The site could have been built and fully operational now for trains to roll out  as we write ...........

No typical british,  we will wait 5 years till its all goverment approved to get free cash

Kick in the teeth for Shildon as what they had and lost   and I saw as a kid what it did for the town
Development and investment with  goverment was to blame and the more reliable motor car 
Just have a vision now that building work on the site will start then stop
Just look at the humble micro chip that was produced

I honestly didnt think it would come to Aycliffe ,  as I just dont see the point of building something from scratch now 5 years on...  lots have happened since then and I just cannot see why the fuss now ?
Goverment had the option to build UK ships and helicopters but chose overseas manufacture ?
There must be a another train manufacturer that can build it quicker and cheaper under contract for Hitachi

Is it worth it ?   as its only going to speed up the service from London to Newcastle by 13 minutes ?

How much money and disruption is it going to cause for the next 10 years to upgrade the tracks ?

Can we afford it ? 

Time will tell 



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