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Author Topic: Finding Relatives - Surname Mann  (Read 1486 times)

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Finding Relatives - Surname Mann
« on: Jul 01, 2004, 01:28 »
My Grandfather, John George Mann, was born 08-09-1893, 19 Prince Consort Road. Hebburn, County Durham.  He emigrated to Canada in 1912.  He returned to England in 1914 with the First Canadian Division.  He lost his eye in France and was returned to Canada in 1916.  He died in 1973.

My granfather had five sisters; Mary Agnes, Isabella, Martha Ann Sharnley, Elizabeth and Margaret, and two brothers; Peter and James.

I am interested in finding out whether or not I still have relatives in the area, or, if some may have emigrated to Canada.  I do know that my Grandfather had cousins in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

Jack Mann



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