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Author Topic: Help! in trying to find my long lost Brother James/Jimmy Douglas Stuart  (Read 2365 times)

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Hi,    :?:
      Can any kind person help me find my brother,his name is "James  (or Jimmy) Douglas Stuart " I've lost his Address in Newton Aycliffe & Phone Number! He used to be with the Mormon Church.
     Our daughter is getting married and we want to send an Wedding Invite to him! I have heard that he may have moved to to a New Estate in Newton Aycliffe from Neville Parade,not sure when?
    I don't know if he's as access to a computer? if any one knows him Please get back in touch with me please! and send me his address & Phone number so I can get in touch with him! I have a photo of James/Jimmy Stuart.

  Thank You Very Much
  Frederick Stuart   (Brother)

 ASAP Please!   Very Urgent!!!!!


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There is a James D Stuart showing up on taken from the Electoral Register for the years 2002-2004, then 2012.

To view the address you need to upgrade membership (something I have not got).
That site also shows telephone numbers unless you are ex directory and there is not one shpwn for him.

Maybe your best bet is join (depending on the cost) or contact the Newton Aycliffe Mormons and ask them to pass on your details to him.


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Knowing the Mormon Church, they have a habit of documenting everything, so chances are they'll have a record of him. As flooky says, contact them and see if they can point you in the right direction. Good luck


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