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  1. Four consecutive air frosts
  2. Flu Vaccine Shortage WTF!?
  3. i shall go to the ball...
  4. Vietnamese Prison...Best place for Glitter
  5. I'm a Tw*T Get Me Out Of Here
  6. New drink laws 'lead to violence'
  7. No Santa
  8. 3 Texas Surgeons
  9. Should our Police be armed?
  10. Whatever happened to Live and let Live?
  11. Is this the strangest Christmas present for a Child?
  12. Roy Keane leaves Man Utd!
  13. Blair wants new nuclear plants
  14. Pussycat Dolls ??
  15. The Magic Sandals
  16. Hrmpf !
  17. 78 million work days lost to sickness in UK
  18. Blatter Again, Again
  19. On my walks
  20. Bees knees
  21. Ryther Arms, Ryther (just south of York)
  22. life
  23. 'Global South' primates chastise Williams
  24. Unleashed
  25. Attacks on Emergency Service Personnel
  26. Nigeria governor flees Britain
  27. Did You Know: Geographical Fact
  28. JVC Car MP3/cd head unit - boxed - mint - Now SOLD!!
  29. Asda - Every Little bit Counts
  30. Un-answered prayers
  31. Aerial Photos
  32. Next Season
  33. Keeping Exotic Reptiles / Amphibians
  34. Ooooh it's Pheasant for Supper
  35. Why Murphy is not at work today
  36. Fixture List 2006
  37. Sunsets
  38. OMG!...I just had a TERRIBLE thought!!!!
  39. Retirement
  40. Buying flowers for your wife or partner
  41. Who would be a Police Officer in the US?
  42. What a daft dog!
  43. Read this You may just save a life
  44. what would u do..?
  45. Have a look at my posting in the Health Thread
  46. Has he paid his dues ????
  47. How Hot is Hell?
  48. Why Get a woman!..When you can have a dog?
  49. US and UK admit use of White Phosphorus in Iraq
  50. London suspect shot with hollow-point ammo
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