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  1. What annoys you about other drivers?
  2. if oil prices are now the lowest in 2 years
  3. Meteor lights up Canada's skies
  4. Fenwick's Window
  5. lost your phone? try this
  6. Breeding Programme - And no-one checked gender
  7. Britain to join the EU and Japan in recession
  8. South Lakes Animal Park
  9. Lifestyle Fitness Suite - Free Gym Passes
  10. Darned Computers
  11. Durham Retail Awards/Xmas Ball 10th December
  12. Ross & Brand
  13. Yesterday Once More
  14. Eclipse Under 18's @ The Cube, Spennymoor
  15. Mark Webber Seriuosly Injured
  16. Take that you skunks!!!!
  17. Pensioners and free bus travel.
  18. Photo Driving Licences Warning
  19. too much deodorant led to heart failure
  20. Is there a gizmo which does this?
  21. Sennheiser RS 130 Headphones
  22. Technoline BL-700 battery charger
  23. Help please - unauthorised windows message!
  24. Zymic - Free website hosting
  25. WOO HOO!
  26. Windows Live One Care
  27. Now the Government may demand your Organs
  28. Removal of Prefetch file relating to a virus
  29. Coxhoe Sign.
  30. had a bad day
  31. Ship Inn - beer festival
  32. Which paper will be the first to come out with the usual Christmas headline ?
  33. Durham City 15th November 2008
  34. the beach...
  35. Phill Nixon
  36. George Bush
  37. Two Men Walk Into Barbers Shop
  38. Cost of borrowing
  39. Jack Scott dies
  40. how old were you when you learned to drive?
  41. What a man wants for Christmas
  42. Wives are like a pack of Cards
  43. Teenage girl wins right to die
  44. Gateshead Boy, 5, planned to use knife on teacher
  45. sad or mad
  47. Golf - Winter Special Offers
  48. Are men or women more faithfull ?
  49. would any of you gents like a new career?
  50. Mystery of lost US nuclear bomb
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