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Author Topic: Cloverfield  (Read 1408 times)

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« on: Feb 07, 2008, 10:55 »
I went to see this flick Tuesday night. I'm not the biggest fan of the genre to put it mildly and it did freak me out at times, especially the flashing lights and spooky sounds. It was not a bad flick as such, bit short but did the job, I guess.

When walking home from the theatre I couldn't help thinking just how unlucky New York City has been in the past in movies of disaster. Aliens attacking, falling gigantic rocks from space hitting the buildings, new ice ages freezing the city solid, [amazondvd]King Kong[/amazondvd] a few times, [amazondvd]Godzilla[/amazondvd] and the rest of the bunch. And now this one. What is it that makes New York City such an easy target for directors of scary movies ?

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Re: Cloverfield
« Reply #1 on: Jun 15, 2008, 20:28 »
I've just got [amazondvd]Cloverfield[/amazondvd] on dvd. It took a while to get started, there was no mention of how the 'thing' arrived in New York, and there seemed to be lots of running around in the dark, with improvised script (all the women said 'Oh My God' a lot) and then they all died! Have to say that effects were good but the 'story' was non-existent really. Really disappointed in this.



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Re: Cloverfield
« Reply #2 on: Jun 17, 2008, 15:23 »
I like the look of it and think I will watch it.  I though it was a godzilla re-make tbh.  Will see when I have seen it.


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Re: Cloverfield
« Reply #3 on: Jun 19, 2008, 17:26 »
I was'nt blown away by this Movie at all.
Yes, it was watchable...Just.

Nice try, but no cigar!

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