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Broomside Park - Durham
« on: Oct 22, 2006, 19:58 »
Went along for a family meal at The Broomside Park - outskirts of Durham. It's a Brewers Fayre, but don't let that put you off. For those of you wanting a quieter place, there's no Brewster Bear play area for kids, just a modern, well presented eating house with a Travel Inn attached.

Typical, setup with a nice wide easy access entrance and a wide bar straight in-front, there's plenty of nooks, with tables ranging from 4 to 8 seats. We picked an eight seater and very pleasant over looking the landscaped area. In the summer, this outside area, would be ideal for a pint in the open.

I'll not go into the full range of stuff but typical Brewers Fayre menu i.e. more traditional with a good children's range of healthy options.

As it was Sunday, everyone went for the Sunday lunch With either the chicken or beef @ ?7.50.

It came in/on a large, deep sided plate (bowl ?)what a surprise, half of a massive, square pan Yorkshire pudding, the beef was tender, mashed potatoes, roasties, vegetables with a really savory cheese sauce (just a touch mind !) and a mini- gravy boat to boot.

Excellent, then came the chicken, and I knew I had made a mistake :shock: when they said half a chicken, they weren't kidding and the chicken came with chipalata sausage and some stuffing. Again, presented as the beef.

Well after we had finished, only a few of us had room for a pudding, Warm pecan tart, with icecream and raspberry things in a? sauce on the side @ ?3.50 went down well. Sticky toffee pudding and Caramel Apple Betty also seemed to go down rather well.

As its part of Whitbread, they served Costa Coffee, which I was told was good, but not quite up to the actual Costa shops.

Overall, its one of those places where you know what you are going to get and I would say is worth a visit for typical, pub style meals in a well presented atmosphere.

PS you even get Nectar Points? :D

Directions & Further Info below.

Name? Broomside Park Durham
Address Broomside Park, Belmount Industrial Estate, Durham
Postcode DH1 1GG

Telephone? 01913 706500
Fax 01913 706501



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