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Author Topic: Civic Amenity Site at Tudhoe  (Read 1916 times)

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Civic Amenity Site at Tudhoe
« on: Aug 06, 2013, 10:18 »
When did our Civic Amenity site become a cross between the Weakest Link and The Krypton Factor - run by an Attila the Hun Tribute Act?
As it was a beautiful morning I decided to have a minor clear-out. I filled up the boot and whistled my way cheerily to the local tip ... AND THEN!!
Upon entering the gate i was met by a line of crowd safety barriers which made parking to ask for advice impossible.OK, I thought, maybe they are having a Celebrity Salvage-fest.
As I had a mixture of old plant pots, pillows, clothes etc, - which were not being carried on a flat-bed, pick-up, van or trailer more than 3 mtrs in length - I proceeded to the clearly labelled "General Waste" skip which was located between the "Carpet remnants (but not in plastic bags)" skip and the "Wood (but no Trees)" skip.
There I was met by Attilla and his Minder who muttered something incoherently about "you canna put them in there" nodding toward the half-empty "General Waste" skip.
"Where would you like them then?" I asked pleasantly,
"Ower there in the full 'un" he replied "but they shouldn't be gannin' in there anyway".
At this point I lost patience and decided to ignore him.
I proceeded to put my waste in the nearest General Waste skip whilst glaring at the gruesome twosome in a "Go on Punk ... MAKE MY DAY!!" sort of way.
Whatever happened to the Customer friendly sites of the 80s, where you could spend all day (and night if there was a hole in the fence) climbing in and out of the skips recycling valuable 78 records and 60s memorabilia?You could even have a sandwich with the skip-rats if anyone had thrown any away. This country is going to the dogs.RANT OVER!!!
On a serious note do you ever wonder why every rural lay-by has now become a dumping ground for rubbish? Ask Attilla.

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Re: Civic Amenity Site at Tudhoe
« Reply #1 on: Jul 22, 2014, 10:33 »
Sometimes it's very confusing as to where things should go. We took a bunch of old video tapes, thinking they were made of plastic, and went to put them in the 'Plastic' bin. The gadgie came running over and said they had to go in the 'Metal' bin! Apparently the actual tape composition overrides the case/box composition.  :wallbash:

Mind you, compared to the one at Annfield Plain, the Tudhoe one is a breeze.

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