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Parish Poll
« on: Apr 27, 2009, 07:56 »
I read with interest the denial from BG about his suggestion of enforced redundancies at Ferryhill Town Council. The fact that staff have contacted their Union about their positions reveals a real concern about their jobs. The denial of BG looks rather disingenuous when his F.A.I.R. colleague, Cllr Garett has spoken in a letter to the Ferryhill Chapter  (April 24th, of "a return to the 1998 position", when the council had fewer staff, and "Very substantial year on year savings could be made, which would cover the costs of redundancy payments and the cost of the Parish Poll".

It seems therefore, despite the denials of BG and F.A.I.R., that throwing good people out of work is exactly what the F.A.I.R. party are planning to do. He keeps referring to the Parish Poll organisers as if they are a different entity, in fact they're all part of his Political Harem, and he'll be more than just interested in their plans. The 'substantial savings' that Cllr Garett fantasises about, after digesting his sensationalised stats, would actually amount to around 50p per week saving per taxpayer. In the meantime they'd have removed an official who has played an instrumental part in securing £1.2m of grant funding for Ferryhill, whilst adding no cost whatsoever to the FTC slice of the Council Tax. That only looks a good option to me if motivations other than 'cost savings' are at play.

Mr Corrigan is good at his job, maybe too good for some of the F.A.I.R. party?



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