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Author Topic: Taking photos in public places  (Read 1461 times)

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Taking photos in public places
« on: Aug 20, 2008, 18:16 »
I check a few of my favourite blogs on a daily basis. Amongst them is South Shields Daily Photo by this guy Curly who takes really nice photographs of South Shields and the North East surroundings. He also has his blog Curly’s Corner Shop, the blog!.

Not long ago he posted about him being approached by the police because he'd been filmed on CCTV taking photos of children and his photographs were examined to make sure he wasn't a perv. It was pretty ironic the fact that he was being "observed" himself without him giving any permission to do so. :roll:

Today, checking his blog again, I found some of his new photos banned by the South Tyneside Council.

I'm in the UK for 6 months (I'm from Argentina), I go out for walks - I enjoy walking along the coast, I love St Mary's Lighthouse, I love Longsands, I love walking the piers; and I love taking photographs; not only for myself but also to send home to my family. I must admit that the first time I read about Curly being questioned by the police about his photographs I became a bit paranoid myself and pretty scared of taking photos, specially when crossing over to South Shields. My significant other told me to forget about it, that that wouldn't happen to us...but I wonder...the last thing I want is to have a criminal record in a foreign country! :shock:

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Re: Taking photos in public places
« Reply #1 on: Aug 20, 2008, 18:48 »
I can see why people would be concerned in this day and age of seemingly rampant paedophiles, but honestly, don't worry about taking photos in public. 

At the end of the day I am sure that your motives are honest and genuine and your conscience is clear, after that bugger what other people think!  You are not committing a criminal offence taking scenic photographs while out walking.  If you do it in the changing rooms of a swimming baths, then I guess that is another issue....... :P


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Re: Taking photos in public places
« Reply #2 on: Aug 20, 2008, 19:24 »
This really is getting beyond a joke now. Taking outdoor photos is a great hobby of mine, and inevitably anonymous people sometimes get captured in the  photo backgrounds/peripharies. Sometimes adults, sometimes kids, sometimes animals etc. What am I supposed to do, go around each one individually and ask them if it's ok to take a photo?

Just carry on taking photos, and if a jumped up jobsworth tries to stop you, call the Police yourself.


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Re: Taking photos in public places
« Reply #3 on: Aug 20, 2008, 20:17 »
Sounds like a couple of over enthusiastic 'Special Constables' to me.
As for South Tyneside Council?...well, they are famous for being a bunch of politicaly correct Nazis!

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Re: Taking photos in public places
« Reply #4 on: Aug 20, 2008, 23:17 »
yes - I've read a fair amount about this on the web and the bottom line is that no one can stop you from taking pics in public places...tho, places like shopping centres - the security guards have been briefed to be on their guard...but as a lot of cases - common sense goes out of the window...

while I have taken pics down the coast - it's very rare that you actually see anyone taking pics on a busy beach - I suspect that they're populated largely by charvas (no offence intended!) and it's quite possible that the council house 'mob' mentality will make a big fuss!

only last saturday my lady and I were down at Bollihope common (weardale) - I had my camera and she was wondering with her new metal detector :D and I walked over to man made mounds and stumbled across 2 young girls playing while their mother was on the other side of the river wear in the caravan park...she was horrified when she saw me and shouted at the bairns to stay still  :roll: ffs...obviously council house townies...! fcuk em' I thought - I'm not gonna hurt anyone and continued down the hill while she was flapping like mad - if she was that concerned why the hell was she across the other side of the river?

anyway - I'm just waiting for the day someone confronts me - especially some jumped up security guard...I'd like to see themtry and take my camera / delete my images etc... :D



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