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Author Topic: The Horndale Mafia  (Read 1227 times)

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The Horndale Mafia
« on: Sep 22, 2006, 22:00 »
Today at 8:30pm i ended up with a s**t load of chavs outside my house totaly drunk and looking for fights. Especialy when they where heard by me making threats to hit a women. Now i have two options of teaching them a lesson.

1. Record them via a hidden spy camera and post them on the net exposing there little gang and having people download the clip even tip off a few news media reps etc.

2. Give the police a little tip off and possibly try really hard to get there history looked up for any previous convictions .

Or i can simply be a real dick and hang outside there house see how they like it. Its beyond a joke and i pay my taxes so until this get ended thats what im going to do. Of all the houses they picked they would have to pick the one who had access to CCTV plus Several News Media website links on there favourities folder.

Why is it that Shafto Way has never had this problem. In fact might as well let everyone know what ive seen go down.

A stabbing right outside the the payphone kiosk and forensics waking both me and a guest at 3am in the morning

Drunken youths outside on a constant basis

Damge to various property.

Still looking at it positively its only helping me relocate  :lol:



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