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« on: Jul 10, 2007, 09:48 »
A middle-aged man marries a younger woman but discovers that no matter what he does in bed, she won't orgasm. So he takes the problem to his Doc who explains that maybe a Roman fantasy is the answer. So the man hires a young, charming male escort, dresses him up gladiator style and has him stand semi-naked waving a towel over the couple whilst they are having sex, but still no avail.

The man goes back to the Doc and tells him it didn't work. The Doc advices him to try again only this time the escort should be fully naked.

The following night the couple invites the escort back into their bedroom and this time he's waving the towel butt-naked. The husband tries for hours to please his younger bride but still she can't orgasm.

The next day he then returns to the Doc's office who this time suggests trying the scene oppositely, with the escort having sex with the woman whilst the man waves the towel.

The evening falls and now, becoming desperate, the man gets the same escort and tries the Doc's latest method. He places himself next to the bed naked waving the towel Roman style. And sure enough soon the woman bursts into a great orgasm and moves frantically on the bed.

When the two lovers are finally done the man throws down the towel, taps the escort on the shoulder and shouts triumphantly: "See, THAT'S how you wave a bloody towel !"

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