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  1. Powergen Shuts India Call Centres
  2. appleby horse show this weekend...
  3. Better Off Under Labour
  4. Useless Labour - again
  5. Tony's Secret ?14m Loan
  6. Young people in prison
  7. Some of the finest double entendres on British TV and Radio
  8. The North South Divide
  9. MP's pay
  10. Tory free zone
  11. ?7700 on hair-do's
  12. Employers blacklists
  13. wanted - flowers, seeds and bulbs
  14. I'm A Dad!!!!!
  15. A confession
  16. You voted Labour?
  17. Opposition v Establishment
  18. Labour worse than Maggie Thatcher?
  19. One of those 'No Win' situations.
  20. Old Bevin Boy hails award campaign
  21. The Parable of the Ant and the Grasshopper
  22. This time last year.
  23. Ponderings about about the word 'Nazi'
  24. Lottery 'being raided by Labour'
  25. "NEW" TORIES
  26. Something to ponder.
  27. Happy Birthday to you
  28. Do you really want THIS Labour government in power?
  29. Prescott - no shortage of fuel!
  30. Now he's 'Two Flags' Prescott
  31. You think that Labour is for the working class?
  32. Should the Tory criminal be allowed back into that party?
  33. What does Democracy mean to you?
  34. Pension Report
  35. 90 day lock up dismissed!..what's your view?
  36. Tony Blair....Will he resign as M.P.?
  37. Lib Dems of Newcastle
  38. Ready for the Big Rates Increase?
  39. Drinking laws, what next?
  40. British plan makes schools independent
  41. On Thatchers death - a minute's silence?
  42. This useless Government of ours.
  43. Keep us guessing... perhaps there is a God
  44. Who's going to be the next Tory leader?
  45. Grass cutting
  46. The Blind lead the Blind in the Labour Government
  47. Buttermere Circular
  48. Did anybody go to the Gala then?
  49. If I Knew...........Coincidence
  50. Mo critical
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