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Author Topic: 13 conditions to satisfy before shortlisting a share to buy.  (Read 520 times)

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1. That there is still room for growth to come
2. It has a full listing
3. Dividends, profits and turnover are rising
4. There are tons of positives
5. There are no question marks
6. The share is liquid
7. I understand what the company does
8. It is under 15x profits to market capitalisation
9. It looks cheap
10. It is in a good market sector
11. Demand for it's products is likely to grow
12. The charts look positive and it is in an upward trend
13. Debt is under 3x full year profits

As you can see, a share will need to jump through a lot of hoops before it gets on your list, and you need to do a fair bit of homework, but it makes it a lot easier to pick a good company and avoid those shares likely to disappoint (and potentially lose you a lot of money)



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