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  1. Just had another one of those phone calls
  2. Cyclists who wear headphones
  3. What is it with the Police?
  4. Must be F***wit Monday
  5. Are there any car drivers who are also cyclists?
  6. Anyone on the Forum worked/works in Aviation?
  7. The Good old Daily Mail
  8. How unfair is this?
  9. £20M this Buffoon is costing you and me
  10. True perhaps?
  11. council taxes rises...
  12. The Unions...such a clever, well informed bunch
  13. HMRC boss is an arrogant ****
  14. Burning The Koran
  15. Dole Scroungers to be Hammered
  16. Bank account cleaned out
  17. Gum
  18. Public sector job cuts 'to hit Wales and North'
  19. Santander Bank Charges
  20. I’ve managed to write off £6000 of credit card debt
  21. Human Nature
  22. How the left collapses
  23. Cracking website if you're serious about managing your weight/exercise
  24. I don't buy into this 'save the Planet stuff'
  25. Does anyone believe .....
  26. Who should pay?
  27. Appeal For Help
  28. Tidal power
  29. Windows fax and scan
  30. Get Stuffed Europe!
  31. cruise ship diary
  32. little fire fighter
  33. Smoking in front of youngsters 'is child abuse'
  34. Imagine If This Man Was President...
  35. Have I been asleep for 3 months?
  36. Undertakers
  37. Speeding
  38. Time to strip Eton, Harrow etc of charitable status.
  39. Has anyone been to the Isle of Man?
  40. Ian Huntley Suing Prison For £100,000
  41. 60,000 police jobs 'threatened by budget cuts'
  42. Holiday
  43. Wanted - Hotel reviewers
  44. David Cameron
  45. Gall bladder stones...
  46. David Davis pub talk reveals Tory unease at the 'Brokeback Coalition'
  47. Just been messing with YouTube
  48. Facebook showing a bit of common sense
  49. France votes to ban burkha
  50. To jail or not to jail ?
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