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Days out in Lancashire


Durham Forum:
Currently down in Lancashire for a few days. We’ve had a couple of days around Clitheroe (in an Airbnb cottage) and have now moved down to Bury where Mrs Durham Forum is going to a seminar tomorrow. We went to the legendary Bury Market today (big, diverse, but not that impressive). We’re in a Travelodge for a couple of nights. Not too bad, with a big room and a bath. Back to the snowy North East on Sunday. Very little snow down here.




Me myself, basic as it may seem, in this weather if I was still in Lancashire (used to live there) I'd be heading to Blackpool to enjoy the sunny day and shopping. I'd then head to Cleveleys a couple of towns down and have a little cafe lunch before heading to the wonderful Cleveleys seafront as the sun goes down! Champion. :D



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