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Author Topic: Going Nowhere  (Read 1490 times)

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Going Nowhere
« on: Jun 18, 2004, 20:38 »
I remember about 1957,(moan-moan) I was too young to drive,I went with the older brother of a mate of mine to pick up a an old banger from somewhere near Brandon.When we got there it turned out to be the biggest heap you could imagine,a 1930s Austin Ruby.We were assured it was drivable so off we went back to Ferryhill.We got as far as the traffic lights at Nevills Cross stopped at the lights and when he came to put it in gear to pull away, the gear stick (wich was about 2ft long) snapped off.There was stream of traffic behind us hooting like hell and one car pulled along side & the driver gave us a load of abuse,and all we could do was to wave the gear stick out of the window at him.He tore away past us in a temper,missed the lights and caused a crash.
Who said "Road Rage "was a new thing?
                                    Ah-Well    Happy Motoring :)

Due to lack of interest Tomorrow has been cancelled.


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