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Author Topic: Hill farmers to deliver stark message to Whitehall  (Read 854 times)

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Hill farmers to deliver stark message to Whitehall

A DELEGATION of Yorkshire hill farmers will today deliver a stark message to government - 'Intervene with immediate help or watch the entire upland economy collapse'.



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Re: Hill farmers to deliver stark message to Whitehall
« Reply #1 on: Feb 27, 2008, 16:07 »
Are these farmers not like the rest of us and want a job for life , most of them have got allmod cons ,only a small number have not . If its not a money maker then get rid of it like the rest of us



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Re: Hill farmers to deliver stark message to Whitehall
« Reply #2 on: Feb 27, 2008, 16:30 »
I agree with phil7853 in part.  If their concerns come to fruition then there may be problems down the line that can not be seen at the moment. 

It is my understanding that farming was subsidised to ensure the continued production of food sources for this country.  Even though a lot of production was eventually wasted, and more was produced than was actually needed. Hence the Grain Mountains which I am sure all of you have heard of.  As a follow on from this, many farmers in turn actually came to depend on this subsidy to earn their living, as due to over production, the price of their product had fallen so their income was no longer generated from this, some came to rely partly or wholly on their subsidies.

Now, as the political and farming climate has changed and continues to change, the farmers struggle to cope and as stated in the article, many have had to diversify or go under, because they are not receiving adequate prices for their products and subsidies have been reduced, this coupled with the devastating livestock diseases, have left the farmer in a sorry state.

So, should the government intervene to save the farmers local economy? If this were any other business, for example, my hypothetical computer shop, the government would not step in to save that.  What will happen then is the farms and the local economy will collapse.  It is a sad fact but a real one and one that all farmers sooner, or later will face. On the face of it I do not see why this more than any other business should be saved.

It must be noted here that I am of the understanding that a lot of our food is "bought" into the country.  Why?  We have the capacity to produce most if not all of our own food.  Why do we buy it in?

Perhaps there will come a time when the government realises the mistakes of their predecessors?

The answers to the problems that face the farmer, use your own advice, diversify or die.  Don’t labour under the misapprehension that this government will jump up to save you or your local economy.  They won’t.  It is a hard reality to face, but that is what will happen.


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Re: Hill farmers to deliver stark message to Whitehall
« Reply #3 on: Feb 27, 2008, 16:34 »
How long has the EEC been helping French peasant farmers?



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