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Author Topic: Party Time  (Read 1466 times)

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Party Time
« on: Jul 23, 2004, 14:48 »
I've been to many parties in my time some good ones,some funny ones ,and some down-right weird.Now this is a true story.
I moved to the Bedfordshire area in the mid to late 60s,and within a few weeks I was invited to a party.At that time these 8pint & 4pint party cans of beer were all the go,so nearly everyone arrived at this party with a party can.
I have never seen such a dump in my life, and smell Well!! ,I'll never worry about my feet again.Anyhow there was a couple of people going around all night with large jugs of beer topping peoples glasses up with this beer that tasted like Pee. After about an hour I hd to go to the bathroom,I've never seen such a tiny bathroom, and as I positioned myself, I glanced to my right to see the bath about a quarter full of beer and the toilet was only about 6 inches from the bath.Well if everyone else's target practice is as bad as mine its no wonder the drink tasted of Pee.and this is where they filled  the jugs from.As I left the party I glanced at the faces of the rest of the People,they would'nt have looked so happy if they knew what they were drinking. :shock:

Due to lack of interest Tomorrow has been cancelled.


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