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Title: Whisky Run Cars
Post by: alexander on Sep 27, 2010, 15:56
Catching up at last on my daily papers from the NE (just finished Sunday 5 September now so still a couple of weeks to go in the stack of papers next to me) I read a piece on the Napier University in Edinburgh having tried and tested making cars run on left-overs from the whisky production. With the piece being a few weeks old by now you've probably already seen it but just in case you haven't here it is.

I really like the idea that less and less go to waste and the thought of seeing 'whisky stands' in the possible future excites me somewhat.

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Super 'whisky' biofuel to power cars.

Topping up at the petrol pump is about to take an intriguing twist as cars are set to be fuelled with a new super biofuel, made from whisky by-products.

Edinburgh Napier University has filed a patent for the new biofuel, which can be used in ordinary cars, without any special adaptions.

The innovative fuel process has been developed over the last two years by Edinburgh Napier’s Biofuel Research Centre.

The £260,000 research project was funded by Scottish Enterprise’s ‘Proof of Concept’ programme.

The Edinburgh Napier Biofuel research team focused on the £4bn whisky industry as a ripe resource for developing biobutanol – the next generation of biofuel which gives 30% more output power than ethanol.

It uses the two main by-products of the whisky production process – ‘pot ale’, the liquid from the copper stills, and ‘draff’, the spent grains, as the basis for producing the butanol that can then be used as fuel.

With 1,600 million litres of pot ale and 187,000 tonnes of draff produced by the malt whisky industry annually, there is potential for bio-fuel to be available at local garage forecourts alongside traditional fuels.

Unlike ethanol, the nature of the innovative bio-fuel means that ordinary cars could use the more powerful-fuel, instead of traditional petrol. The product can also be used to make other green renewable bio-chemicals, such as acetone.

The University now plans to create a spin-out company to take the new fuel to market. For more information visit

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Title: Re: Whisky Run Cars
Post by: Shane on Oct 08, 2010, 10:37
Just something similar to the above....


Anyone done something similar to the abovE?