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Author Topic: COACH & HORSES BUTCHERS RACE SPENNYMOOR A167  (Read 1951 times)

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« on: Jul 24, 2012, 19:56 »
Well me and the wife where trying to work out the last time we had been and we came to the conclusion 1999

we wanted to walk to the pub tonight and try and see what we where missing ?
Fox Cub was dismissed for many poor reports and Thinford was going to be tried till a friend called by and advised us not to ?

Approaching the pub all seemed quite busy ..  think mainly for the carvery which is £10.98 for two

Not being a carvery fan, but a quick inspection first under the heat lamps reassured me why

I ordered a Rump steak and the wife gammon steak  hoping it was going to look better than the carvery

How wrong I was   burnt tasteless steak ?  soggy heaped high burnt chips  with lifeless tomato and mushrooms
my wife had a gammon steak that was so flat I think they used a roller that's laying the tarmac outside it too was complemented with soggy piled high chips and egg and tomato

I had waited 30 minutes so was hungry and attacked it best I could... maybe a rare occasion that my plate was still full of food when I had finished    IT WAS ****

My soldier wife had plodded on and also left a heap of chips   she said it was tasty (just to please me ... but she knew I wasn't happy )
The staff removed our plates and never asked if everything was OK or do we need anything else ?
Think they didn't ask in case of any backlash   or deja-vu

We drank up and left  ......... 
thankfully into fresh cool air as it was hot in there and people where sat in the greenhouse too

Never to return

Why are pubs turning out rubbish food ?   don't they know its there business ?

Save your money guys   

Is there any decent pubs for bar meals in the north east ?
It wasn't if I was going cheap  with those bog off deals

Thinking walking home , whats the point    might as well buy the best from a butcher and do it yourself

Or as the advert states     Your better of going to Iceland !!   bit of a longer walk though


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« Reply #1 on: Jul 25, 2012, 13:50 »

Why are pubs turning out rubbish food ?   don't they know its there business ?

Probably don't realise sites like this exist, reviewing their product  :wink:

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