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Author Topic: The Quarry Burn - Hunwick  (Read 3722 times)

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The Quarry Burn - Hunwick
« on: Feb 05, 2009, 20:43 »
The Quarry Burn in hunwick has recently been revamped as a gastro pub.

The interior certainly is very nice and they have added a purpous built restaurant onto it, so today I had a day off and decided to pop in for a spot of lunch on my way back from fishing.

I have had meals in their before, and always been impressed by the quality, but today I was really impressed.

I had their lovely steak and ale pie. It had more chunks of steak than almost any pie I have ever had, rich gravy and beautiful short crust pastry. Served with peas, carrots, broccolli and fabulous fresh chips it really did the trick.

You will notice I don't often write a bad report but I have to add I do not take writing good ones lighlty.

please do consider this pub next time you venture out.



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