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Author Topic: THE ROYAL PALACE CHINESE RESTAURANT within FOX & HOUNDS Kirk Merrington  (Read 1621 times)

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Hi All,

Reading the SPENNY NEWS yesterday and saw the article about  this pub / restaurant  having yet another battle with Sedgefield District Council

seems as if Billy Lau has hit it off badly on the wrong foot from day one with S.B.C

I went past Kirk Merrington today, and to be honest thought it was going to be stuck within the car park, like those awful recycling paper containers and old shoe dustbins

Anyway,   no it wasnt to be,  but hidden snuggly along the hedge cleverly boarded along to diguise what it is...  basically looks like a big shed if your looking for it

Just I could not work out in my head...   what could SBC  do about it ?

Its not as if its bricks and mortar and a permanent fixing,  as it can be dismantled and removed if required

So why does it need planning permission ?   is this a new business rule  ( I thought PP was getting easier )

How many times do you see "MEARS" ( SEDGEFIELD BOROUGH COUNCIL )  20 foot BLUE containers  in fields or beside road sides  used for workers offices out buildings  for storage of tools and equipment  for months on end within the borough ?

I feel that some people whom may have upset SBC,  are targeted over petty things

If the Fox & Hounds closes its doors, do you think the if its put up for sale will a potential buyer be put off with past conflicts with the council,  and people like Mr Lau whom is putting new life into a village pub,  just get fed up and dont invest ?

I think in times like this, councils should be supporting local services and business, instead of just creating hassle for them

I feel that they should work with them and not against them

If I was a business man wanting to relocate or have dealings within the borough ....  I would be having second thoughts

What help and incentives does this bring ?

I hope Fox & Hounds doesnt close as this would bring another closure and stastitic to the village

Find the story here....   along with the current edition of Spenny news


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So basically it is a container that Mr Lau has tried to make look more pleasant by putting wood around it and bushes. If it is a storage container then I assume it is not a building. Perhaps by cladding it with the wood he has somehow made it a permanent building? You know if the wood cladding isembedded into the ground or such like. I dunno?

But I think I am right in saying that if it were just a container then it is not a building and therefore bereft of planning permission requirements.

Good luck to Billy, hope the borough council sees sense....for once!


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Does anyone know if this has closed now?
I'm assuming it is as I've been trying to call as I wanted to book a table for when friends come next month and can't seem to get an answer... What a shame  :cry:



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