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Author Topic: The Travelling Man, Boldon  (Read 4643 times)

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The Travelling Man, Boldon
« on: Oct 03, 2014, 11:30 »
Called in here on the way back from South Shields the other night. It's a pretty ordinary looking pub near to Boldon Cinema. The place wastn't exactly bouncing for a Wednesday night, so no problem getting a seat. The pub has TV screens advertising it's own fayre, which seemed reasonably priced. We ordered our drinks and the barman asked if we were eating in so we could add the drinks to our food tab.

The menu looked quite good, so we went for starters and main course. The starters came within about 10 mins. Mrs Black Cat had black pudding in a peppercorn sauce (a weird combo) and I had cheesy nachos. Very ordinary the nachos, although Mrs BC enjoyed the black pud. For the mains, we picked Cumberland Sausage and Panackerlty. There wasn't any sausage available, so Mrs BC opted for Giant Yorkshire Pud, which came filled with Turkey and veg. The Panackerlty was substantial, but woefully underseasoned. The veg was boiled bland and the meat pretty tasteless too, but I ate it as I was hungry. Mrs BC was happy with her Yorkshire, which came with a bucket of gravy and we left £27 the poorer.

I can't say it was the best bar meal I've ever had, but it wasn't the worst either. Pretty average food i'd say, but served quickly with a smile, so we weren't too unhappy. Don't think i'd rush there again mind.  :wink:

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