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General Discussions / Re: General Election Called for June 8th 2017
« Last Post by Lancelot on Apr 21, 2017, 23:54  »
It might be a case of all of the other parties ganging up to try and make a complete mess of things.  We voted to leave the E.U but those who did not want to leave will go to extreme ends to mess up the wishes of the people. They don't know what Democracy means.   

Considering the north east has been so Labour in the past,  yet almost all voted to leave the E.U,  the only sensible vote, even for normal Labour voters, is to vote Tory. 

Let's get out and go forward.  The rest of the world want to deal with us, and the E.U WILL want to as they cannot afford to loose jobs if they do not deal with us, we buy more VW's, Citroens, SEAT.s, Renault,  and FIATS than any other country. We buy much of their agricultural produce. We could close all of their car plants within 6 to 12 months if they play awkward with us. 

Others will think differently, so lets hear what they have to say, we still have free speech here, but if Labour ever get in they intend to kerb it drastically as they have said.  Is that what people want?
General Discussions / General Election Called for June 8th 2017
« Last Post by Durham Forum on Apr 20, 2017, 22:10  »
PM Teresa May has called a General Election for 8th June. It's caught a few folks on the hop by all accounts. What do you think? Are Labour electable? Will the Conservatives win by a landslide?
Running scared now. Henig has apparently complained to police about a leaflet supporting the Teach Assistants that's being circulated. Another spectacular own goal.  :doh:
County Durham News and Discussions / Re: Local Elections - May 4th 2017
« Last Post by Lancelot on Apr 09, 2017, 16:45  »
With the mess that Labour have made of the country the last three times in power I'm surprised that anyone ever votes Labour. In this area they've done nothing to help the working man, who they claim to represent, probably because, in the past, people have been like Lemmings and voted for them, so they didn't have to do anything for us.
County Durham News and Discussions / Local Elections - May 4th 2017
« Last Post by Legend on Apr 06, 2017, 21:54  »
With the local elections coming up in May, the North East will be one of the last Labour strongholds in the country. Will it still be a stronghold after the Labour dominated council closed the DLI Museum and voted to cut Teaching Assistants pay by 23% ?
County Durham Property and Housing / Renting out houses
« Last Post by Durham Forum on Mar 30, 2017, 17:42  »
Do any of you rent houses out? Did you purposely start building a portfolio, or were you an 'accidental landlord'?
General Discussions / Re: Another Terrorist outrage in London
« Last Post by Lancelot on Mar 25, 2017, 00:27  »
We can never prevent this happening, unfortunately, but we must be vigilant, but beyond that what is the answer?  We should have listened to Enoch Powell instead of dismissing what he said as "Not likely".  Will we ever learn?  Or is it too late?  We are greater than "them" and such deaths, as sad as they are, will NEVER take us down.
Haven't seen Howard Beverley in a while, maybe 5 years. He was in Durham i think. I haven't seen anyone else.
Is Beverley still living at Dean Bank ? where did you see him ?.. are there any other teachers living in the area ..what happened to the art teacher Meacham ?
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