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Can't make up my mind if this is amusing or sad but I thought I'd 'delight' you all about a court ruling from my neck of the woods today:

Since I don't expect many of you wonderful people to be able to read much of the article in Danish I'll give you a quick idea what it's about.

On January 2nd a 34yo bloke went into an Aldi shop here. Not happy with the quality of its cucumbers he took them to an Aldi worker and asked for better ones. The worker told him he couldn't help but the bloke then demanded to speak to the Aldi shop manager. The manager then came as well and the bloke was told the same, that there weren't any other cucumbers than those he could see.

The 34yo bloke then completely snapped and began to beat the Aldi shop manager all over with one of the dodgy cucumbers till it went all mushy in his hand, then he took a second cucumber and continued the attack hitting the shop manager again and again with the second veg, too. Still being told after that that there really weren't any other cucumbers in the shop that he could get instead of the ones he felt were dodgy the bloke then slapped the Aldi shop manager on the side of his head. :|

Today the courts here then passed their verdict. The 34yo bloke has been sent to prison for sixty days.


why are all cucumber stories funny....don't answer that ...


well its like this......... :oops:


I was waiting for your punchline the entire time I was reading that post.

It never came  :(

If only it were a joke so I didn't have to think about how people suck :roll:


A nine year old girl has disappeared after using some of her mother's moisturiser which makes you look 10 years younger!



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