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County Durham News and Discussions / Re: Amusing sight in Durham
« Last Post by OhhEnnEmm on Jul 04, 2018, 12:46  »
I once saw one of those living statue dudes having a big paddy on the street with some randomer, hard to take him seriously  :clap:
General Discussions / Re: Days out in Lancashire
« Last Post by OhhEnnEmm on Jul 04, 2018, 12:43  »
Me myself, basic as it may seem, in this weather if I was still in Lancashire (used to live there) I'd be heading to Blackpool to enjoy the sunny day and shopping. I'd then head to Cleveleys a couple of towns down and have a little cafe lunch before heading to the wonderful Cleveleys seafront as the sun goes down! Champion. :D
General Discussions / Re: royal mail rant...
« Last Post by barrene on Jul 04, 2018, 07:35  »
Yeah.. after privatization it seems royalmail has been left to die out in the open, absolutely terrible, it has such rich history all the way from 16th century. Well I guess your best bet now would be to just use far more competitive or reliable services, like DHL, UPS, TNT, or better yet, 3rd party posting services, which use those same aforementioned companies, but cut bulk deals for spare space in their vehicles, ships and planes, helping to trim down prices further. I really want to believe royalmail will recover one day though.
Intros and Celebrations / Re: Hi everyone new to forum ???? ????
« Last Post by Lancelot on Jul 02, 2018, 23:55  »
Surely someone can help this young lady.
Hello everyone my name is Angie I’m 38 originally from ferryhill station was born bishop Auckland and now I’m
Living in Stockton On Tees I come across this site trying to search for information and photos of ferryhill comprehensive
School where I used to go from 91-96 but haven’t come up with anything so thought I’d join the forum and see if anyone else has tryed searching the same fingers crossed ????  Thankyou ????
Intros and Celebrations / Hi everyone new to forum ???? ????
« Last Post by Angiexxx2016 on Jun 21, 2018, 08:23  »
 Hi everyone hope your all well new to the forum my name is Angie I’m 38 originally from ferryhill station but now live in Stockton On Tees I came across the site by searching for photos or yearbooks for ferryhill comprehensive school class of 91-96 see if I could come up with anything but couldn’t  :roll: and come across this forum so I joined on hope to find something  :lol: anyway fingers crossed ???? thankyou for your time ???? :drinks:
County Durham Property and Housing / Re: Buying property in Spain
« Last Post by Lancelot on May 13, 2018, 21:50  »
So Boris The Spider, what did you decided to do, buy a property in Spain or keep your money in your pocket?
Weather / Re: Snow forecast
« Last Post by Legend on Feb 25, 2018, 20:23  »
We could have about a foot of the stuff by the end of the week. It’s going to disrupt a lot of things all down the east coast. If it snows in London, God help us.
Weather / Re: Snow forecast
« Last Post by Lancelot on Feb 25, 2018, 20:17  »
I guess the south will come to a standstill and in the north we will have to wear a jacket when we go out.
Worth a shot pal.

Lets hope hes found his family
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