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Photography / Re: Frost feathersm
« Last Post by Legend on Jan 05, 2018, 11:27  »
Thats nice. I didn’t think it was that cold last night. Must’ve been the air inside that was just right for this to form. I remember it being common on bedroom windows before we all got Central heating installed.
General Discussions / Re: MERRY CHRISTMAS
« Last Post by Boris the Spider on Jan 05, 2018, 11:22  »
Merry Xmas Lancelot !!!!! Hope you had a good one
Relegated last season and now looking like it again. Coleman is a good manager but needs a little bit of help from his chairman who seems to have just abandoned the club. Doesn’t he see that if they are relegated again his asset will fall even further in value? If he wants to sell (and he does) then surely that doesn’t make any sense.  :?
County Durham News and Discussions / Re: Durham Road Works
« Last Post by Boris the Spider on Jan 05, 2018, 11:13  »
They’re going to be closing Church Street as well on 8th January for a fortnight. For those looking blank, it’s the street that runs from the top of New Elvet to the New Inn
County Durham Property and Housing / Buying property in Spain
« Last Post by Boris the Spider on Jan 05, 2018, 11:10  »
Is there anyone out there who has bought property in Spain?

We’re starting to think about the possibilities of owning somewhere in the future, but would like to hear from anyone who has already done it and who lives there now, either full time or part time. Any pitfalls? What are the best areas?

Any help appreciated  :)
Jokes and Humour / Re: E
« Last Post by Boris the Spider on Jan 05, 2018, 11:05  »
Very good. Your jokes are improving as you get older.
Photography / Frost feathers
« Last Post by Durham Forum on Jan 05, 2018, 11:00  »
Incredible frost patterns on the conservatory roof overnight
County Durham Family History and Expats / Bales family history
« Last Post by davidc on Jan 05, 2018, 10:41  »
Can anyone help me? I am researching my family history on my mother's side. Her father was Robert Bales and her mother was Margaret. They lived in Boldon Lane, South Shields. He was a railway worker, sometime train driver. Sadly, I don't have Margaret's maiden name and I would like to know where he would be working. Was he shunting from the docks or the mines in the area? What would his social life have been like?
General Discussions / Re: Trump v Clinton
« Last Post by Boris the Spider on Jan 03, 2018, 23:24  »
Have you noticed, in interview, since Trump was elected how his attitude and demeanor has changed?  He now sounds almost sensible. Was it all an act to get the voters agitated and to vote for him? 

Seems some of the Yanks are the same as the ones who voted to stay in the E.U here.  They want to have another election. If Sunderland lose this weekend can they ask to keep on replaying the match 'till they win?

He’s relapsed and resorted to my button is bigger than your button. Schoolboy stuff from the President. Embarrassing.
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