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General Discussions / Re: Trump v Clinton
« Last Post by Lancelot on Jan 12, 2018, 23:16  »
I agree Leg End, not World Statesman talk, but I guess he is a bit like us Northerners who say what we think, and what we mean. We don't beat around the bush.  I read about the way that the U.S voters who supported him originally  are, in the most, supporting him even more now, and those who were against him hate him even more and it is very Regional.  At least he is taking the bull by the balls.  Not saying that I support him.
General Discussions / Re: Trump v Clinton
« Last Post by Legend on Jan 12, 2018, 19:17  »
Today reached a new low even for him, talking about immigration - “Why do we have to accept these people from these ****hole countries?”

Disgusting from a supposed World statesman.
Hello again Mickmmax. Unfortunately I regret that PR-40 is no longer with us. I got a message from his family that he died a few years ago.
County Durham Family History and Expats / Re: chilton lane Ferryhill.
« Last Post by mickmmax on Jan 12, 2018, 13:58  »
forgot about this forum, anyway thanks for your input, but can't see your map!

Thanks Lancelot. That’s the only worry, getting bored. Maybe it would be better to just rent when we want to, then we can change places?
Typical Labour Councillors, they couldn't run a £5 raffle and yet the Lemmings still vote for them because they think that they represent the working class.  How blind can they be?  Time that they went to Specsavers and saw them in the REAL word.
County Durham Property and Housing / Re: Buying property in Spain
« Last Post by Lancelot on Jan 07, 2018, 23:17  »
A friend bought one about 12 years ago, got tired of going to the same place several times a year so sold it at a big loss.  Lot's of pitfalls with property laws and ownership.  It's even possible to buy and then several years later find that you don't own it as someone still owes money on the property even though you did it all through a solicitor and appeared all above board. 

Keep your money in your pocket and use it for holidays of your choice,  Australia was our choice for 23 years, for 5 weeks each year when we were working, then for 12 weeks a year after retirement in 2,000. 
Yep, a classic example of Labour arrogance. He could’ve just posted the link without the comment. Strangely, the ‘rotting concrete box’ passed it’s maintenance checks in 2015 with flying colours and a figure was agreed for upkeep in the coming years. DCC then decided that was too expensive but then spent 3x as much closing it and mothballing the collection into an old cigarette factory in Spennymoor!
I'll bet he's a Labour Councillor.
General Discussions / Re: MERRY CHRISTMAS
« Last Post by Durham Forum on Jan 07, 2018, 11:33  »
You take it easy. The whisky is the important part.  :doh:
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