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Author Topic: December 2009  (Read 413 times)

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December 2009
« on: Dec 02, 2009, 09:19 »
1st    Very frosty start. Ice on cars. Becoming cloudy from the west. Wind increasing. Feeling cold. Rain and sleet after 9pm
2nd   Foggy and very dull, but slightly warmer. Wind light S. Fog lifting by mid morning. Damp day, but no rain
3rd    Damp start. Calm winds. Advection fog on fields. Moderate rain from mid morning to mid afternoon. Dry evening
4th    Starting dry and clear. No frost. Blue sky and sunshine all day. Clouding up after dark. Wind freshening from S.
5th    Overnight rain, then foggy morning. Light wind. Dry until early evening, then rain.
6th.   Damp morning after heavy overnight rain. Cloudy and dull. Clearing to showers in the afternoon. Cool, strong NW wind
7th    Another damp morning, with a stiff southerly breeze. Brief sunshine and blustery showers. Heavy in early evening, then clearing
8th    Clear start. Advection fog on fields. Mainly bright and sunny. Calm winds. Wind freshening from SW then rain later
9th    Clear again to start. Quite mild. Sunny clear morning. Hazing over slightly this afternoon, then cloudy with rain by 9pm
10th   Clear start again. Cooler. Bright sunshine all day. Light W drift. Ground frost developing
11th   Ground frost, but no air frost. Mist lifting to low cloud, then fog. Feeling cold. Fog lifting mid-evening. Cold
12th   Foggy this morning, but again no air frost. Fog lifting to reveal sunny afternoon. Dry but cold
13th   Fair, morning. Freshening wind from N. Feels raw. Sunny spells. Dry.
14th   Cloudy and damp morning. Light rain. Wind light NW. Heavier rain this afternoon, clearing later.
15th   Cloudy and damp start. Drizzly rain at midday. Feeling raw. Heavy showery rain later. NE wind picking up
16th   Still  relatively mild. Winds light NW. Rain showers all day.
17th   Colder overnight. Some sleet showers. Snow showers, becoming persistent later. Stiff NE wind. Showers continuing overnight
18th   2cm of snow cover. Light snow showers. Very cold. Occasional snow showers, then heavier later. Wind now Northerly
19th   Sunny, very cold day. Clouding over in late afternoon from North. Heavy snow in evening. 8cm fresh snow.
20th   Very cold. Westerly breeze. No further snow, but no thaw in that still lying. Roads still very poor
21st   Snow lying. Slightly warmer overnight. Snow shower am. Slight thaw, but freezing again later.
22nd  Freezing Fog over snow cover. Very cold. Temp down to -6.1 degC. Spectacular rise in mid afternoon of 5 degC in 1 hour
23rd   Slow thaw overnight and continuing today. Mostly sunny with light wind. Temps back below freezing after dark.
24th   More snow after midnight. Another 4-5cm. Light winds. Snow showers early am. Freezing fog later.
25th   Fog lifted. Snow still lying. Cold and calm. Sunny with slight thaw. Snow shower later making official white xmas.
26th   Slight thaw overnight. Shallow freezing fog early. Thaw of lying snow continuing.
27th   Still lying snow. First frost free night for 10 days. Early fog. Thaw continuing. Rain in afternoon.
28th   Lying snow. Cold and sunny, but thaw continues.
29th   Lying snow. Very dull and cold. Occasional hail showers on easterly wind.
30th   Lying snow but almost gone. Hail and rain showers. Strong N wind. Heavy hail later. Showers becoming more wintry.
31st   Just more than 50% cover at 0900 but snow showers in afternoon giving a fresh covering. Thundersnow too after dark.

The period 18th - 31st December 2009 averaged -0.1 ÂșC at Ferryhill.

Days with snow lying : 14



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